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Rig installation
We make installation of the different types of offshore oil rigs and platforms needed depending on the offshore oil/gas field water-depth and situation. Rigs are used for the drilling of the wells and platforms are installed in the field for extracting oil/gas operation. Main types of rigs and platforms are briefly explained as follows: Drilling for natural oil/gas offshore, in some instances hundreds of miles away from the nearest landmass, poses a number of different challenges from drilling onshore. With drilling at sea, the sea floor can sometimes be thousands of feet below sea level. Therefore, while with onshore drilling the ground provides a platform from which to drill, at sea an artificial drilling platform must be constructed.
Drilling & Rig Maintenance Services
When you walk into the headquarters of Drilling Service Company, or talk to employees in the field, you immediately sense warmth, humor, and sincere helpfulness. While the company’s management and employees are relentless in their passion for their work, they also place extraordinary value on relationships. Good people become part of the clan, and those connections endure over decades. We give the best of drilling and rig maintenance services to our clients, and we also ensure there and we make their comfort our number one priority.

inspection & Supply Services
With the help of our drillships which are designed to carry out drilling operations. These boats are specially designed to carry drilling platforms out to deep-sea locations. A typical drillship will have, in addition to all of the equipment normally found on a large ocean ship, a drilling platform and derrick located on the middle of its deck. In addition, drillships contain a hole called a “moonpool”, extending right through the ship down through the hull, which allows for the drill string to extend through the boat, down into the water. This offshore oil rig can drill in very deep waters. We give our clients the best of inspection & Supply Services at cost-effective rate and within the giving period of time.


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One of the most respectful and proffesional company i have ever come in contact with, Thank you for your quality services.

CEO - Exxon Mobil
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The contract went exactly as planned i must say i'm pleased with your performance.
CEO - Rosneft
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Thank you for you trust worth and reliable service and also for your timing accuracy, we look foward to doing business with you again in the near future.

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