a few words about us

Our Company MJCDS(MICHAEL J. CARTER DRILLING SERVICE) is registered in United States with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Washington. MICHAEL J. CARTER DRILLING SERVICE is a fully American Company whose Managing Director / Cheif Executive Offiecer is an American. Our services include but not limited to execution of Offshore drilling & supply Contracts. We look forward to doing business with your institution as we are poised to carry out all work order and project awarded to us in accordance with specification and scope of work.


The best oil and gas drilling company

We are built on stability and reliabilty, and our goal is to give the best to our clients.
We ensure every contract is been completed within the giving period of time.
We ensure the produtcs are delivered to the specify destination using a legal and reconize methods and a more affordable and evnvironmentally safe.
We provide an Active Customer support service for our clients worldwide.

Honest partnership

We have so far partnered with a lot of company home and abroad and we are mostly been recognize for our reliable and trust worthy services, because we aim at giving the very best to our clients and partners at large.


Failure has never been a option for us here at MJCDS
We have always giving our clients the very best of service, and we do so at an affordable cost.